Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vintage Pillowcase Tote Bags

Say NO to plastic or paper bags with this super cute reusable vintage pillowcase tote bag! Is it a market bag, a tote bag, a purse? You decide as it has so many uses! Great for the trip to the farmers market, grocery store, library, beach, or as a diaper bag. Eco friendly!

I finished making these tote bags today so wanted to share. You can find them in my Etsy shop (link on side of blog). Next on my list to design is a lined tote with pockets out of vintage linen. I made one out of a curtain that is really cute and I'm using it as a purse. Will have to take pictures to share...

Monday, May 10, 2010

How to Make a Vintage Pillowcase Apron in a Plus Size - a great craft vender apron with pockets!

Ok, you've seen the tutorial on how to make a pillowcase apron using a standard pillowcase - and it's a great thing! But how about us plus size gals? I need a bit more material to go around, if you know what I mean. So, I designed a Plus Size Pillowcase Apron and made this tutorial.

You will need an extra long pillowcase (mine shown is approximately 38" long), your sewing machine, and an iron. I've used the extra material cut from this pillowcase to make the waistband and ties or you could save time by using approximately 3 yards of ribbon. I also added some vintage eyelet, but adding trim is optional. Rickrack would look great too as a trim! So let's get started:

Step 1: Lay out your pillowcase flat length wise (length is horizontal). Cut at approximately 28 1/2" for a size 18/20 gal. (you can cut at different widths depending on how much material coverage you want).

Step 2: Turn in edges where you just cut 1/2" and press to make a finished side edge. Machine stitch 1/4" seam along this edge.

Step 3: Fold bottom up approximately 7 1/2". This will be the pockets. If you want to add a decorative trim before sewing together go to next step. If not adding a trim go to Step 5.

Step 4: Pin in place decorative trim

Turning ends on side then machine stitch trim. This will be the top edge of pocket.

Step 5: Machine stitch along sides and bottom of apron starting on right side going down edge using 1/4" seam. Then pin where you want to stitch the pockets. Make sure the apron is flat and begin stitching from bottom to stitch your pocket seams. I've stitched two seams approximately 1/3 from each side giving this apron three large pockets. Don't forget to back stitch at top of pocket to reinforce these seams.

The apron base is now complete - just have to add a waistband and ties!

Step 6: I've cut the extra pillowcase material to make my own waistband and ties. Measure the width of the apron to make the waistband and then use the remaining for the ties. I iron the strips of pillowcase material together and then stitch a seam close to the edge. Then stitch the ties to the waistband. I made these extra long so I can bring back around to front and tie. You can make the ties shorter and tie in back - very cute too! Making the ties and waistband this way is a bit more work but I like the look. If you don't have enough extra material from the pillowcase you can use a vintage sheet or your favorite ribbon!

Step 7: Now stitch all along the edges of the waistband onto the apron.

My finished apron is approximately 28" wide by 13" long (the standard pillowcase apron is only 20" wide). It has three deep pockets to hold all kinds of things. I'll use mine while doing a craft show to hold my money, cell phone, and glasses. When I'm at home I'll put my clothes pins in the pockets when I hang out my laundry. How will you use yours?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Venue So Fun!

The Friday and Saturday event I participated in was so much fun! My sister came over to help in my booth and we had such a nice visit. We meet lots of nice people and have new friends! I'm excited I was able to introduce the idea to many about repurposing and upcycling vintage linens. So those treasures won't just sit in a drawer or packed away in a box now! I've also been commissioned to make some pillowcase dresses from family's vintage embroidered pillowcases for their little girl. What a great idea!

My next event is an "all handmade craft show" supporting the Citrus Heights Domestic Violence Center June 12th at The Foundations on Greenback in Citrus Heights. Come by and say hi!