Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Things Tuesday

I really should be sewing for this Friday's event and Saturday's market, but want to share my latest finished projects with you...

Love, love, love the vintage tablecloth fabric I scored from a friend's mother - made a pillowcover and a few bibs out of it.

Also used some vintage chenille for more bibs. Must be dreaming of future grandchildren as I am on a huge bib kick - must be because my daughter is getting married in November and says they are planning to have children in a couple years.

Oh, do I really have to wait that long?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Vintage Chenille Pillow Cover and Bibs

Remember the 1957 vintage chenille baby blanket I showed a few posts ago? The owner, Toni asked me to make her a pillow cover and bibs out of it. I tried to talk her out of cutting up this sweet blanket, but she won. Glad she did.. The pillow turned out pretty adorable and now will be used!

I had to work around some issues - patched on back in a few places, but found another large piece to use for the back. It's darn cute too!

There was enough left over material to make a large and small bib. Toni has a special person she is giving the bibs to but shared with me she is going to put the pillow on her bed.

She picked them up at market yesterday and loves them! I do too.

Was a bit sad to see them go, but I still have the memories...and the pictures.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I love my Farmer's Markets!

The Foothill Farmers Market Association that I belong to is such a great group of people! I'm participating in two markets and loving it. Here is our Thursday market, a new little one in West Roseville. This is Bob, our Site Manager and seller of Snow's Citrus Court's delicious products (they are known for their mandarins).

My bud Kathy, of 56 Green Beanies is here in her booth - she repurposes sweaters into beanies and other cool stuff! She's been my inspiration for selling at the markets! Thanks Kathy for suggesting I sell at the farmer's market!

David has wonderful fruit and vegetables...as well as Lilly here. You can't go wrong with our farmers' produce!

This is my booth - it is ever changing...that's part of the fun!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Toni's Vintage Chenille Baby Blanket

One of my favorite customers at the farmers market saw my little bear pillowcover I made out of a vintage chenille baby blanket and loved it! You can see a photo of the bear pillow cover on an earlier post below... Anyway, the following week Toni brought in her baby blanket and wants me to make her a pillow cover and some bibs out of the vintage material! I tried to talk her out of cutting up this blanket as it is in great shape for being from 1957. She insists - wants to make some things for her grandchildren.

Watch for a later post - I'll show how the custom items turn out. Even though my photo is a little dark of the full baby blanket, isn't it just dang cute?!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt Top

I'm so excited - scored a vintage quilt top that I plan to finish! It is a beautiful Grandmothers Flower Garden. The top and bottom are square and the sides are scalloped. Can anyone date this material? I know it's old - it sure smelled like it!

Am asking all you quilters out there to let me know how you would finish it. Want to hear your ideas please! How would you quilt it?

What kind of backing would you use? I really want to do this quilt top justice so would appreciate your advice!

Smoked Coho Salmon

My DH (dear hubby) loves to fish and has been after those salmon - finally caught some and then did his magic with the smoker.

Nothing better than smoked fresh salmon! They were so beautiful in color - a rich golden color so I had to take a few photos. They were delicious!

Notice the yard stick under this picture...doesn't every fisherman want to tell ya how big they were? Way to go hunny!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sacramento and Company TV show!

Oh My Gosh! Things around here have been so exciting lately! First the Sacramento Bee article came out last week, and now I was on TV today - on the Sacramento and Company, Channel 10's morning show for my Warm Hugs Design business. Thanks to Lilly for inviting me to the show and Guy, the host who made me feel so welcomed and relaxed during the segment. All the folks at Sacramento and Company are awesome!

Have so many blessings to be grateful for...