Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vintage Pillowcase Purse, Market Bag, Tote Bag

A sweet vintage pillowcase gets upcycled into a soft summer purse - or is it a market bag, or a tote bag? You decide. I've lined the bag using a second vintage pillowcase that has a darling embroidered flower design set on solid white cotton - makes for a fun surprise every time you open your bag to see the embroidery! To stay super organized there are four pockets on the inside too (bottom photo). This one of a kind bag is available in my etsy shop...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wow what a week it's been - and in a good way!

I had such a fun week just have to share. First, I week to Lake Tahoe with a good friend and two others joined us the next day. We were in North Lake Tahoe area in Kim's parent's condo. It is so lovely there. Thanks Kim! We took walks down to the lake (which really isn't far at all), sat by the pool and played cards, and had some great visiting time. Here's a few photos of our three day trip (I'm in the middle in a blue top in one photo)...

Then on Thursday night I went to Bunco at Barb's new place. Had a great time with all the gals...always fun to get together.

Saturday rolled around and was up early to get ready to go to San Francisco to see the play Wicked with my daughter, her future mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law. My sister came up from Santa Cruz to join us. This was my second time seeing this production as I had taken my daughter for her 21st birthday three years ago to see it in Los Angeles. We were so happy to find the same actors playing Glinda and Elphaba that we saw in Southern California! Amazing performances. I recommend you catch this treasure before it closes in September. It is playing at the Orpheum Theatre.

We all arrived safely and parked together (which is an amazing feat in SF) then walked to the shopping mall housed in the old emporium building on Market. Had some lunch at the food court which was surprisingly delicious, then went to our matinee. On our walk back to our car we got an eye full as there was a naked man walking down the street with pink crocks and a pink visor on. Pretty funny. Only in San Francisco...

Now it's Sunday and I am doing a few things around the place - watered my garden as it is so hot today! Catching up on blogs, taking pictures of a new purse I made for my Etsy shop, and now plan to jump in the pool. Hope you all had a great week too!

Another Giveaway I need to tell you about...

Oh my - another giveaway I really want to win...
This time it is for a beautiful vintage pillowcase quilt made by Deb on her 'Works in Progress' blog. She is so crafty and the blog is lovely - you really must go check it out. To learn more about the giveaway that ends this Friday go to:


Thursday, June 24, 2010

VS Ruffled Quilt Pattern Giveaway

I really want to win the pattern for this adorable ruffled quilt made from vintage sheets that Jen is hosting over at http://vintagesheets.blogspot.com made by Melissa. Check out the blog post for more pictures and details!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Vintage treasures to share...

I come across so many wonderful vintage treasures while out hunting for my vintage pillowcases and bed linens to create designs in my Warm Hugs Design shop on Etsy. So I decided to share them with you by opening a Vintage shop: Warm Hugs Vintage (link at bottom of page under "links"). Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Great Horned Owl Family as new neighbors!

Well, we've been pretty excited these past few months watching our Daddy and Mommy owl sitting on their nest and hunting for food. They moved into a nest in the big pine tree next to our property. The owlet was born and the fun increased. I got to see mommy feeding her owlet one day, more about that in a minute, and the nightly events leading up to baby being born has been fun to witness. Daddy flys at dusk from the tree where he usually was perched higher than the nest - I suppose to be a look out. He'd swoop around and then land on top of the telephone pole on our property and hoot to his mate. We can hear them after it becomes dark "talking" to each other but no longer can we watch them as they take flight looking for prey.

The photos are of Daddy owl in the top portion of the tree, then Mommy sitting on the nest before the owlet was born, and then baby owlet. They look like large cats because of their "horns". I also was blessed to witness mommy feeding the owlet one morning so I took a short video and uploaded it to YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdZCviMZFBI (I've added a link that you can click on at bottom of this blog under the Links tab).

The owl family are still living nearby as we see them during the day sometimes in different trees that surround our property. They still perch on top of our telephone pole after dusk and fly all around. We enjoy hearing the different hoots each family member has too. It sure is fun living in the country and getting the opportunity to see all these wild critters!