Saturday, March 19, 2011

Snow Storm

My Bunco pals and I rented a big beautiful cabin at Donner Lake for the weekend. We all attempted to travel up I80 yesterday afternoon only to be caught in the big snow storm. There was a 45 car pile up near Baxter and haz mat was called in for a truck spill. Five friends that left about and hour before I did ended up in a grid lock on the freeway for five hours before being turned back. Kim and I, in the second car, only made it up to Colfax before being turned back - took us three hours in total to go only approximately 30 miles. Cal Trans closed the freeway. We got snow down to Auburn which is pretty rare! Wish I had taken my camera to show the amounts of snow we were dealing with. So pretty but so scary. We all are grateful to be home safely. The nice owners of the cabin are allowing us to reschedule our trip too! So we'll go in a month or two when there is no chance of snow so we can enjoy the lovely deck over looking the lake.

Here's to wishing you all a safe, wonderful weekend.