Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A vintage tea towel, doily and hot pad...

Recently I was looking at some of my vintage linen treasures and I noticed a lovely tea towel that had trim colors which matched a special crocheted hot me thinking...together they would be a darling tote bag!

But wait - must add a vintage doily, or two.

So here is how it turned out - pretty sweet! I've added another vintage doily on the back of the bag and put two pockets using the tea towel material on the inside.

You can see my tag hanging from the corner - this tote is in my booth ready to go home to a new owner!


Helen said...

Lovely Idea! Would you like the pattern for the clothes pin apron? It looks like something that you could do. I have too many other projects to really benefit from it. Contact me if interested.

Warm Hugs Design said...

Hi Helen,
Thanks I'd love the clothes pin apron pattern... I'll contact you on your blog.

Warm hugs,