Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I love my Farmer's Markets!

The Foothill Farmers Market Association that I belong to is such a great group of people! I'm participating in two markets and loving it. Here is our Thursday market, a new little one in West Roseville. This is Bob, our Site Manager and seller of Snow's Citrus Court's delicious products (they are known for their mandarins).

My bud Kathy, of 56 Green Beanies is here in her booth - she repurposes sweaters into beanies and other cool stuff! She's been my inspiration for selling at the markets! Thanks Kathy for suggesting I sell at the farmer's market!

David has wonderful fruit and well as Lilly here. You can't go wrong with our farmers' produce!

This is my booth - it is ever changing...that's part of the fun!


Into Vintage said...

Hello fellow market junkie! :-) I was checking out the photo of your booth for inspiration - love your chenille tablecover and your chair pillows too. Hope you're selling a bunch!

Warm Hugs Design said...

Thanks Amy! I must share about the chair covers - they are thrifted pillow shams. Just slip part of the sham opening over the back of the chair and there ya go...a cute chair!

The little embroidered pillow is my kitty pillowcase I made into a pillow - made the set some 41 years ago when I was a teenager! I'll post a close up photo of it later. It's the kitty in my avatar...

Warm hugs,